Roulette Game

A true casino mainstay, roulette has been dominating the floors of gambling halls worldwide for centuries. Today, the game is available to players at the click of a mouse button in hundreds of online casinos where you can find it in a number of enticing variations, some old, others – new and unconventional.

This is the reason why we, at BonusInsider, decided to create this page. Here we share our knowledge about the game of roulette, including its rules and the bet types it supports. We also introduce our readers to the top software vendors that supply roulette games to trusted online casinos.

On this page, you get to learn about the best variations of the iconic game you can find on the web. Additionally, we feature explanations about the most popular betting systems applicable at the online and landbased roulette tables. Let’s get you started with a brief walkthrough of roulette’s key rules.

How to Play Roulette

1Place Your Bets

Roulette is a classic game of chance, in which players have no impact on the odds of winning any given coup. The game plays on a wheel that uses either 37 or 38 pockets, containing numbers 0 through 36 (plus 00 in double-zero games). The goal of the player is beyond simple – in order to win a coup, they need to predict where the tiny white ball will settle on the wheel.

A round of play starts with players posting their chips within the corresponding betting box on the layout. In roulette, you can bet on individual numbers, groups of several numbers, or number properties like color and parity.

2Spin The Wheel

Once bets are posted, the croupier determines the winning number and its color by tossing the ball in a direction opposite to that of the spinning wheel. Some wheels are spun manually by their croupiers while others use rotors whose primary purpose is to ensure the full randomization of the results.

3The Outcome

Yet, there are several other ways to completely randomize outcomes in this game of chance. A roulette wheel features alternating red and black pockets. The numbers they contain are not ordered from the lowest to the highest but are randomly interspersed, with a different sequence for single-zero and double-zero wheels.

Additionally, there are deflectors (called diamonds) on the inner rim of the wheel, which help the ball bounce off more, further randomizing the coup’s outcome. The ball gradually loses momentum due to friction and finally settles in one of the 37 (or 38) pockets, determining the result.

The croupier would then settle the bets, paying off the winners and taking the chips of the losers off the table’s layout. A new coup can commence now.

Roulette Bets

Before we proceed any further, we would like to warn you there is no way to change the odds of winning in this game. The odds of any given number hitting always remain the same (1 to 35 on single-zero wheels) because roulette is based on independent trials, i.e. the past does not impact the future and previous results bear no effect on the outcomes of trials to follow.

Having gotten that out of the way, roulette bets fall into main categories. Check them out below, along with the payouts they yield when luck smiles upon you.

Outside Bets
Inside Bets

Roulette Software

Industry frontrunners like the software studios listed below all offer online variations of the legendary game of chance. The roulette games supplied by these vendors are all striking in terms of graphic presentation, not to mention they boast a number of extra features to further improve online players' experience. The graphics are sharp, with many of the variants being optimized for play on desktop and mobile.


Roulette Variations

There are dozens upon dozens of roulette variations, available for real-money and practice play on the web. This makes it difficult for one to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially if they lack experience with playing the game online. We have tested virtually all roulette variants one could possibly imagine, so trust us when we say these are the 6 must-try variations all die-hard fans of the game would play.

Multi-Wheel Roulette
Progressive Roulette
Double Ball Roulette
Spread Bet Roulette
Mini Roulette
Common Draw Roulette

Roulette Strategies

Тhe Martingale

The Fibonacci

The D'Alembert

The Labouchere

The Parlay

The Martingale is easily the most used system at roulette tables. Also applicable online, this is a negative betting progression which requires you to double your wager after each loss and drop down to your base unit when you register a win. It relies on the idea that the losses you incur during a bad streak can be completely recouped with a single win. The bottom line is you always end up with a profit of one base unit when the losing circle breaks.

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