Improving Your Roulette Game

Roulette is a game with a long history that dates back hundreds, maybe even thousands of years when the fate of entire villages was decided by the spin of a shield. Complex betting strategies of all kinds have been put to test in an attempt to beat the Devil’s Wheel but few have managed to leave the roulette tables as long-term winners.

The house edge built into the game is unassailable and impossible to overcome with a betting system of any type. Still, there are smarter ways to approach roulette which can help you enjoy your experience to the fullest and prevent you from getting in the red in the long run.

Here are eight hints on how to improve your game and extract maximum enjoyment from your roulette sessions. Even if you have previous experience with the game, you might still find some of these tips useful.

Basic Hints

Choose the Right Game
Look for Tables with the En Prison or La Partage Rules
Build Up a Bankroll and Play within Its Limits
Play at a Leisurely Pace

Advanced Hints

Learn to Clock Wheels in Landbased Casinos
Don't Waste Money on “Winning” Systems
Never Chase Your Losses, You Won't Catch Them
Join the Loyalty Club
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