Taking Your Roulette Game to the Next Level with Call Bets

If you have a rudimentary knowledge of roulette, you are probably familiar with most inside and outside bets listed on the main table layout. Yet, this classic casino game allows for an additional set of advanced wagers where the player is betting on specific groups of numbers the way they appear on the wheel.

Known as call or announced bets, these bets are available on wheels that play with a single zero. They are normally posted by the dealer. Multiple chips are required in order to cover a call bet on the layout.

You are probably wondering what is the point of introducing additional wagers in a game that’s already laden with standard betting opportunities. Well, not only do call bets make roulette a more interesting game but they also give you better odds at winning as you cover entire wheel segments with as few chips as possible. In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of call bets, how they work, and how do they measure against standard roulette wagers in terms of winning potential.

The Racetrack in Single-Zero Roulette

1The Racetrack

Roulette tables that support call bets normally feature one additional section on their layouts, called a racetrack. Oval in shape, the racetrack enables you to post multiple-chip wagers that include whole groups of numbers that appear in adjacent pockets on the wheel.

2Racetrack Layout

In essence, the racetrack is an exact replica of the single-zero wheel. It contains numbers 0 through 36 in precisely the same order as they appear on the roulette wheel. The 37 numbers are listed in their numerical order on the layout while those on the wheel are dispersed in a haphazard manner.

3Placing Call Bets

The random wheel sequencing of the numbers serves a two-fold purpose. It balances the wheel and makes it impossible for players to predict which pocket the ball would land in. Because of this difference in the number sequencing on the wheel and the layout, call bets are posted as combinations of straight up, corner, split, and trio bets.

Common Types of Call Bets

Let's start off by explaining why call bets are named this way. Players sometimes refer to them as announced bets, using the two terms interchangeably. With that said, there is a difference between the two types of wagers, albeit a subtle one.

Both call and announced bets are posted on the racetrack and require players to verbally announce what wager they want to make. The distinction between the two is based on whether or not the player is required to lay down some chips on the table when announcing their bet.

With announced bets, you need to post the required number of chips on the racetrack so that the dealer knowns you have enough money to cover the cost of your combination wager. This should happen while the spin is still in progress, before the ball determines the outcome of the round.

Call bets are different in that the player still declares verbally what wager they want to make but without placing any chips on the layout to actually cover the bet. This proves problematic when the call bet loses and it turns out the player does not have enough money to pay the house for the losing wager.

In some countries like the United Kingdom, for example, calling your bets without posting chips is considered gambling on credit. As such, it is strictly prohibited by law. Below, we list the main types of call bets. Note that some of them are unavailable at all tables.

Tiers du Cylinder
Voisins du Zero
Jeu Zero or Zero Spiel
The Neighbors
Final Bets
Full Completes

Other Advanced Bets to Make at the Roulette Table

The call bets we talked about previously are only the most popular ones. Roulette allows for a motley crew of advanced novelty wagers like the four special bets we discuss below. These are great for players who like to experiment and want to diversify their gaming sessions.

Black and Red Splits
The 007 Bet
The Snake Bet
The Random 7 Bet

How Call Bets Measure against Standard Roulette Bets

The probability of winning

Call and Advanced Bets Chart

Before we proceed any further, we would like to say that all call bets covered in this article yield the same house edge (2.70%) as the rest of the wagers available in single-zero roulette. With that said, call bets still deserve to be given consideration because they offer rather decent odds to the player.

The probability of winning with some of the standard announced wagers is quite high, ranging from 8.11% to the whopping 45.94%. This is almost as good a percentage as that for even-money bets which stands at 48.65%.

One key difference here is the payout you receive when you win. Some call bets like Voisins du Zero boast almost the same table coverage but yield rather substantial payouts when compared to the even-money propositions that pay at odds of 1 to 1.

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