Dispelling Roulette Myths

There is something glamorous and even hypnotic about the roulette wheel that makes this game an appealing choice for both landbased and online casino gamblers. The numerous depictions of the game in Hollywood films combined with people’s superstitions and cognitive fallacies have helped enshroud roulette in many myths.

Inexperienced players often fall into the traps of such misconceptions due to sheer lack of basic knowledge of how roulette and its odds work. This game is governed by pure chance and the sooner you realize this truth, the better.

In the following article, we identify 8 of the most common roulette myths that need dispelling. Read on to learn why these misconceptions hold no truth so that you can avoid them when you take your action to the roulette tables.

The Most Common Roulette Myths

Past Trials' Results Affect Future Probabilities
You Can Beat the Game with System Play
Hedge Betting Decreases the House Edge
All Roulette Wheels Are Created Equal
Online Roulette Games Are Rigged
Casinos Use Magnets to Cheat You out of Your Winnings
Roulette Dealers Affect Results through Ball Steering
Only High Rollers Play Roulette
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