The Many Faces of Roulette – Interesting Variations to Try

Despite being around for centuries, roulette remains relevant in gambling establishments to this day. The game continues to thrive partially because both landbased and online casino operators are constantly reinventing it by introducing new and ingenious roulette variants.

One original version that immediately comes to mind is Mouse Roulette. It was available for a brief period at Reno’s Harold’s Club in the early 1940s. The game utilized a huge box containing a total of 50 holes with numbers.

Once patrons had placed their bets, the table staff would release a wood mouse from a cage nearby and put it on top of the numbered box. The winning number was determined as soon as the tiny rodent scooted in one of the box’s holes.

It did not take long for players to notice the game was flawed and easily exploitable. The creature would get startled and dart into the nearest hole as soon as someone produced a loud noise. On top of that, the rodent would repeatedly dive into the same numbered holes because they sensed the smell of previously used mice. Harold’s Club removed the game from its floors after a week or so because it was blatantly unprofitable for the house.

Mouse Roulette has been dead and gone as a casino game for over 70 years now but there are countless other variations that give this old game a new spin. We discuss some of the most original ones in the article to follow. Read on and you may find your next favorite roulette variation.

Unique Spins on a Century-Old Game

Standard versions like European and American roulette are fun to play but tend to get boring after a while. You are probably familiar with the differences between these two variants. If not, go further back into our roulette guide and check out the article on American and European Wheel Sequences.

To maintain the interest of players, many landbased casino operators take the fundamentals of the classic game and introduce inventive rules to give it an entirely different spin. Such is the case with the 6 unconventional landbased roulette variants we discuss below.

Alphabetic Roulette
Prime Time Roulette
Back 2 Back Roulette
Riverboat Roulette
Double Action Roulette

Spicing Up the Action with Unique Online Variations

Some roulette fans do not live in proximity to any landbased casinos and lack the resources to cover the traveling expenses needed for a gambling trip. Luckily for them, the game has made a smooth transition from landbased to online casinos. The latter give players a vast choice of roulette variations they can conveniently enjoy on desktop and mobile.

The tried and true variants like French, European, and American roulette are readily available at most online casinos. Dozens of original variants have emerged in recent years as casino software providers strive to capture a whole new audience of roulette players. Here are 6 bespoke online roulette variations you can play from the comfort of your surroundings.

Double Ball Roulette
No Zero Roulette
Diamond Bet Roulette
Spread-Bet Roulette
Pinball Roulette

Closing Thoughts on Landbased vs. Online Roulette Variations

As you can see, both online and landbased casinos offer a broad assortment of roulette variations that deviate from the standard set of rules. Both formats have their advantages and disadvantages.

Online Roulette Variations
Landbased Roulette Variations

Online casinos give you instant access to a range of intriguing roulette variants, available at your fingertips. You can play them in demo format if you wish or go for real-money payouts by depositing into your online casino account.

Playing roulette at landbased casinos is the preferred alternative of players who are looking for social interaction.

In online variations, players get to control the pace of the gameplay. The software often features either Quick Spin or Turbo Mode. This significantly decreases the waiting times between spins.

Many of the roulette tables in landbased casinos are crowded and have higher limits.

The risk of potential dealer mistakes is eliminated. When you play online, you can always rely on a fast and accurate settlement of the payouts, even with more complex multi-chip wagers.

Etiquette is another thing to consider. If you are unable to stick to proper table conduct, landbased roulette may not be the best alternative for you.

Let's not forget about the flexible table limits you can find online. Online casinos are geared toward the needs of both high rollers and roulette players on a shoestring budget. Some gambling sites offer limits that range from as little as a penny to thousands of dollars.

Landbased roulette plays at a leisurely pace and lacks the dynamics of its online cousins. Travel and accommodation expenses should also be taken into consideration.

If you insist on saving on travel and accommodation expenses as well as on the ability to play whenever you want, you are better off with online roulette.

If you are a recreational player who enjoys social interaction and is merely looking to have some fun, landbased roulette may prove to be the better option.

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