Mini Roulette by NetEnt

Mini Roulette by NetEnt Review
Key Features
  • Provider: NetEnt
  • RTP: 96.15%
  • Wheels: 1
  • Ball number: 1
  • Zero Pockets: 1

Leading supplier NetEnt may not boast an extensive selection of online roulette variations like some of the other major software vendors but nevertheless, has created several bespoke versions of the classic game. One prime example is Mini Roulette, a pint-sized variant that is often featured in the instant-win sections of NetEnt-powered casinos.

Interface and Bet Types

This NetEnt release is pretty much a minimalistic version of the popular table game, which uses a smaller table layout and a single-zero wheel with a total of 13 pockets instead of the usual 37. Because of this peculiarity, the game offers fewer betting options compared to roulette variations that utilize full-sized wheels.

Players have a choice from the standard straight up bets on single numbers alongside splits, columns, half-dozens, corners, and street bets (called three-line bets here). The game also allows you to stake some money on wagers like red/black and odd/even but the high/low wagers are absent from the layout.

The payouts for supported wagers have been reduced to accommodate the higher probability of winning here. The likelihood of winning with a straight up bet jumps from 2.70% to 7.69%. Because of this, successful wagers on individual numbers pay only 11 to 1. Splits pay 5 to 1 while street bets earn you a 3 to 1 payout. Corners and columns earn you twice the amount you have staked while winning half-dozen and bets on number properties result in even-money payouts.

Most of the screen space is occupied by the betting area, with several chip denominations located to the right. You can find the table limits in the upper right corner, with most NetEnt casinos offering bets between $0.10 and $50.

Distinctive Traits and Features

This mini version is a great option for players who are new to the game of roulette. It is unique in that it utilizes only numbers from 0 to 12 on its wheel and layout. When you position your cursor over a given area of the betting layout, the game displays the limits for the corresponding bet and highlights the number it includes.

Once you post your preferred bet and click the Spin button, the table layout gives way to the rotating wheel, which occupies the entire screen until the white ball comes to rest in a winning pocket.

The lucky number is shown in an oversized grid making it easy for you to determine whether your bet wins or loses. There is a history panel to the left, displaying the last 5 numbers that have hit. You can activate Turbo Mode by clicking the button with the white rabbit in the lower left corner of the screen.


NetEnt delivers an extremely playable roulette variation despite its smaller size. This version deserves a try because of the increased probability of winning with single numbers, if nothing else. This is a good way to kick-start your roulette journey until you build up some experience and transition to the full-size tables.

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