Roulette Advanced

Roulette Advanced Review
Key Features
  • Provider: NetEnt
  • RTP: 97.30%
  • Wheels: 1
  • Ball number: 1
  • Zero Pockets: 1

Roulette Advanced is an intuitive variation of everyone’s favorite game of chance, released by the renowned Swedish software studio NetEnt. At first glance, the game leaves you wondering what exactly is “advanced” about it as it provides a pretty similar experience to that you enjoy at other single-zero tables. Yet, Roulette Advanced ensures a superior gaming session thanks to its sophisticated graphics, enhanced sounds, and intuitive interface.

Interface and Bet Types

The first thing that captured our attention when we loaded Roulette Advanced is how neatly structured the game is. It offers an extensive range of betting options and functionalities but without looking too overwhelming.

Roulette Advanced is based on the traditional single-zero version of the game where you have a wheel with 37 numbered pockets. Its nicely rendered wheel is positioned to the left side while the betting layout occupies the rest of the screen. This version of the game features the standard set of inside and outside bets, including even-money wagers on number properties, dozens, columns, splits, corners, streets, and double streets.

There is a racetrack positioned over the main betting area of the table. This is where you can place call bets that comprise combinations of numbers that appear in neighboring positions on the wheel. Betting on Red Splits and Black Splits is also possible.

Other than that, winning bets in Roulette Advanced pretty much yield the conventional payouts. The main gaming controls can be located immediately under the table layout, allowing you to clear or double your bets, rebet the same amount, and spin the wheel with a single mouse click. The Quick Spin button further increases the dynamics of your gameplay.

Distinctive Traits and Features

The game supports a nice range of statistics which is what sets it apart from other single-zero variations released by NetEnt. There is a board in the lower left part of the screen where you can check the results of the last 14 spins you have gone through.

The statistics board also displays 4 hot and 4 cold numbers. The cool thing here is that you place straight up bets on the hot or cold numbers with one click of your mouse. When the outcome of a spin is settled, the hot/hold number board gives way to a close-up containing the lucky winning number and its properties.

Below the hot and cold numbers, you can see the percentage of odd, even, black, and red numbers that have hit. Click the + button in the upper right corner of the statistics board to save up to ten of your favorite bets.


There are lots of positives to playing Roulette Advanced, including its broad range of bets, seamless performance across all devices, and neat interface with realistically rendered graphics. Although largely useless in games of independent trials like roulette, the included statistics board is a nice touch as well.

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