How the world would have looked in 2022, according to science fiction

Considering technological developments such as smartphones, mapping, GPS, gaming consoles and social media, beliefs from over 100 years ago that technology would take over every aspect of life in the 21st century were pretty spot on. At times, science fiction writers have been almost clairvoyant in their vision of the future. On other occasions, however, […]

The Most Watched YouTube Videos and How Much Revenue They Generated

Created in 2005, YouTube has become the world’s most popular video streaming service. With 2.5 billion users each month, it has become a lucrative source of revenue for many content creators on the platform. The site’s evolution has led to it becoming a full-time source of income for many creators. YouTube allows creators to monetise […]

Survey Reveals the Online Spending Behaviour of Ethereum Holders After the Merge

The long-awaited Ethreum Мerge took place on September 15 with shifting Ethereum’s existing proof-of-world consensus mechanism to a proof-of-stake model. With this major upgrade, the Ethereum network managed to significantly cut its carbon footprint and decrease its network power consumption by over 99.9%. The BonusInsider team decided to analyse the impact of the Merge on […]

Google Data Reveals the Highest-rated Vegan Restaurants in the US

Healthy lifestyles have surged in popularity over the past decade along with larger public awareness of the impact livestock has on the environment. Logically, veganism also spread like wildfire and today, most people have at least one friend who is vegan. To commemorate World Vegan Day on November 1, millions of people will be opting […]

Google Data Reveals the Highest-rated Vegan Restaurants in the UK

People on plant-based diets for ethical, health-related, or some other reasons are marking World Vegan Day on 1 November. This day, which commemorates the beginning of the Vegan Society in the UK and the coining of the word vegan, is a great opportunity to promote the vegan lifestyle around the world. And it is also […]

The Highest-rated Indian Restaurants in the US, as per Google Data

A representation of India’s rich cultural identity, Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, arrived on October 22 this year. The number of Indian Americans is estimated to be more than 4.5 million, which at roughly 1.4 percent of the US population is the largest group of South Asian Americans. But as Diwali is an important […]

The Highest-rated Indian Restaurants in the UK, as per Google Data

Diwali, the annual festival of lights, is the most important celebration in India but also for millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world and in the United Kingdom. As it follows the Hindu lunar calendar, the date changes every year and in 2022, it starts on 22 October and lasts through Wednesday, 26 […]