Maximizing Slot Wins

Both landbased and online casinos are well-aware of the fact their customers love to play slots. In some countries, slots are the most played type of casino game. In others, one-armed bandits are close to the point of rivaling mainstays like blackjack and roulette in terms of popularity.

Despite this huge demand, slots are not the type of gambling game you can beat with skills and smart play. There is no optimal strategy here because the odds are set in favor of the house and inevitably remain the same on each spin. Nothing you can do within the law can increase your winning chances.

What To Do To Maximize Wins

Only scammers and hackers have succeeded in beating the one-warmed bandits so far. We take it you do not belong to either category, so we offer you a few hints about maximizing your slot profits while keeping your losses to the minimum.

Play Slots That Pay Disproportionately for Max Bets
Play All Available Paylines on Video Slots
Research the Games' Return Percentages
Play High-Denomination Games If Your Budget Allows It
Use a Slot Player Card and Participate in Casino Promotions

What To Avoid To Maximize Wins

Part of our tips to maximizing slots wins include a number of mistakes players tend to do which should be avoided.

Avoid Machines at Airport Terminals and Other Non-Casino Locations
Avoid Overplaying the Slots
Avoid Progressives when Their Jackpots Are Low