Building Slots Bankroll

“Bankroll management” is a popular term in certain gambling circles, especially among players who engage in games like blackjack and poker that offer positive value. Nevertheless, it has certain implications to slot machines where the outcome is not skill-based but depends on pure chance.

Reel spinners need to remember that slots inevitably yield negative expected value in the long run. Regardless of how smartly a slot player is managing their gambling budget, they are guaranteed to lose all their money provided that they play long enough.

Slots should be considered a mere form of entertainment. However, this is not to say a player can altogether do away with bankroll management although the latter cannot overturn the house edge of slots. What it can help you achieve is extend your playing time, limit your losses, and hopefully keep some of your profits.

Techniques for Managing Slot Budget

Below, we describe several techniques for managing your slot budget smartly. While most of what is said is common sense, it can still help you extend the longevity of your slot bankroll.

How Much Money is Enough?
Split Your Budget into Session Bankrolls
Win Goals and Stop Losses
How to Approach Large Wins

Other Factors That Affect Your Slot Bankroll Longevity

In addition to bankroll management, several other factors can also influence how long your slot budget would last. These include your speed of play, variance, return percentages, and casino loyalty perks. We discuss them in further detail below.

Speed of Play
Slot Variance
Slot Payout Percentages
Rebates, Player Cards, and Loyalty Points