Classic Slots

Slot machines have come a long way, with the presence of online casinos bringing players numerous options to choose from. Even though virtual casinos offer a vast variety of games one could enjoy, many players find the old-school classics most appealing.

For those who enjoy a standard casino experience, there are plenty of classic slots to play online. They ensure easy gameplay, less risky bets, and a great casino time that can still be very fruitful. If you are wondering what the advantages of classic slots are and whether it is worth playing 3-reel options, we advise you to continue reading this article.

History of Classic Slots

Classic slots that we are used to seeing nowadays have come a long way since the first slot machines that were ever created. It was at the turn of the 20th century when the first slot machine was created in America. Later on, slot machines took over other parts of the world like England and Australia.

The Simplicity of the First Slot Machines
Improvements on Slot Machines and Modern Classic Slots

The Simplicity of the First Slot Machines

Understandably, the first slot machines were rather simple, with standard playing cards being used for the symbols of the games. These old-school machines would have 3 or 5 reels, with some of them incorporating as many as ten symbols on each reel. Slots were triggered to spin by inserting a coin and pulling a lever on the side of the machine. To win the game, symbols had to match across a single line.

Back in the day, slot machines did not offer any cash prizes but rather players would get tokens to purchase chewing gums, soap, cigarettes, and other types of small prizes. The earliest slot machines were not considered a serious form of gambling which is why they could often be found at pubs, trading stores, and convenience stores.

Improvements on Slot Machines and Modern Classic Slots

As years passed, the design of classic slots was improved, replacing the old-school springs and lever with mechanical parts. In the 1960s, the slot machines were already much faster and were extremely flashy when someone was lucky enough to win a jackpot. The newer classic slots were named one-armed bandits by players as they would still use a mechanical lever to trigger the spin of the reels.

Fruits, BAR icons, golden bells, and 7s were among the usual symbols used in modern slot machines. Nowadays, online classic slots are often inspired by old-school fruit machines and tend to use symbols reminiscent of old slot machines. If you enjoy playing classic slots, you have the opportunity to do that at most land-based casinos, virtual casinos, and even on mobile apps. With software developers striving to offer entertaining options to players, nowadays, the choice of classic slots online is endless and can satisfy any slot fan.

How Classic Slots Compare to Video Slots

The easiest way to understand the features that a classic slot is offering is to compare it to video slots. This way you can see the differences between them and pick the type of slot that fits your preferences the best.

Classic Slots
Video Slots

Classic slots feature 3-reel grids

Video slots feature 5 or more reels

Classic slots tend to have a single or just a few paylines

Video slots have multiple paylines or ways to win

Classic slots tend to pay only from left to right

Some video slots pay both ways

Rarely do classic slots feature bonus games

Most commonly, video slots have bonus games and features

Not many classic slots incorporate any special symbols

Most video slots incorporate special symbols like Scatters and Wilds

Classic slots require smaller, less risky bets

Although offering bigger payouts, video slots tend to require riskier bets

Classic slots mimic the design of old-school slot machines and have simpler looks, with symbols like fruits, bells, and BAR icons

Video slots are often inspired by popular movies, TV shows, celebrities, books, fictional characters, etc.

Most classic slots follow a uniform look and gameplay, making them less exciting to play for a long time

Some players find video slots more entertaining as they offer different gameplay and can be extremely entertaining

Who Would Enjoy Playing Classic Slots?


While some players find classic slots uninteresting, many enjoy the simplicity of these games. There is no doubt that classic slots are targeting specific types of casino fans but if you are interested, you can always give them a try. You may come to the conclusion that although simpler in design, classic slots offer quite unique benefits.

2More Reasonable Bets

By now you should know that it is always a great idea to set up a budget before you start playing with real money. If you are not willing to stake way too big amounts on slots, then you might want to stick to classic slots. The reason for that is the less risky bets that these slots allow.

As classic slots have only 3 reels and a limited number of paylines, the size of your bet can be very reasonable. Of course, this also affects the payouts but if you are sticking to a small budget, classic slots will allow you to play longer and potentially lose smaller amounts.

3Paytables are Easier to Understand

Classic slots are also perfect for beginners who have not played video slots and may have a difficult time comprehending the different special symbols, bonus games, and other extra features of video slots. Even some seasoned players prefer classic slots as they often stick to the simple spin and win type of play.

Setting up your bet and calculating your potential win is also pretty straightforward. As there are no special combinations or paylines of more than 3 identical symbols, you can quickly understand the respective payout of every symbol in the game. Often classic slots have the paytable always visible on the screen, allowing you to always be aware of the win you can enjoy.

Bonus Features Some Classic Slots May Offer

Although bonus features are typically incorporated in video slots, there are some classic variations that also offer special features. This being said, do not expect anything too intricate if you are playing classic slots as their bonus features tend to be rather simple.

The bonus features that can most commonly be seen in classic slots include:

Free Spins and Re-spins
Gamble Feature
Nudge and Hold Features

Free Spins and Re-spins

Some classic slots may award re-spins whenever a winning combination is landed. This gives players more opportunities for bigger payouts, wagering only their original stake from the previous spin. It is also possible to play a classic slot that may award a few rounds of free spins, giving players more opportunities to rack up bigger wins.

Although classic slots are mostly preferred due to their simplicity and less risky bets, there are some classic slots that can add a bit of thrill to the gameplay. In some cases, whenever players hit a winning combination, they will have the opportunity to boost their profit by wagering their win.

Gamble Feature

Nudge and Hold Features

When you play some classic slots, you may notice that they feature another type of special feature. There are some fruit machine-inspired games that incorporate a nudge feature. It will allow players to move the reels with a single position down. This may help them land a winning combination they would not otherwise hit. It should be mentioned that since the nudge feature is not available on every spin, players have to determine when it is the best time to make use of the option.

Often, the classic slots that offer the nudge feature also have a hold option. Instead of moving reels, the hold feature will allow you to freeze a reel so it does not move any positions. It is up to the players to decide when it is the right moment to stop one of the reels from spinning but most slots fans prefer this feature when a high-paying symbol appears on the reels.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Playing Classic Slots

1Tips You Can Follow

While playing classic slots is a piece of cake, there are some tips you can follow to make your experience more rewarding and fun. There is no specific strategy to follow when betting on classic slots as they are luck-based games. This being said, you can take a few steps towards improving your gaming time and make every spin more enjoyable.

If you want to play your favorite classic slots for a longer time, you can stick to the following tips:

2Play The Games For Free

Look for online casinos that offer their games in fun mode. This will allow you to explore the gaming opportunities of the slot without risking any of your real money. Playing in fun mode will allow you to get used to the classic slot if you have never played it before. Once you are confident in your gameplay, you can start making real-money bets.

3Opt For Lower Bets

Often classic slots allow very small bets, helping you to play for more rounds and make your spinning adventure last longer. Unless you are playing to win a progressive jackpot, you are advised to opt for a smaller betting amount rather than making the maximum bet

4Stick To Your Budget

If you are planning to play for real money, make sure to set up a budget for your slot sessions. Forget about chasing losses if you are on a losing streak and stick to the bankroll you have set up beforehand.

If you are interested in playing classic slots online but you are not sure which options to try, you can take a look at the several games we will list below. These variations are created by some of the most innovative software providers in the iGaming industry. While staying true to the simplicity of old-school fruit machines, the classic slots on our list can still be very entertaining and rewarding.

Break Da Bank
Couch Potato
Alchemist’s Lab
Route 777
Jackpot Jester 50,000

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