Progressive Betting Systems for Craps

There are various strategies and systems in gambling that are said to improve the odds of winning. This is hardly true when it comes to casino games, however, since games such as roulette or craps have a house edge that gives casinos the advantage over their patrons. Still, certain progressive betting systems have been used for decades by gamblers in order to increase the potential winnings and limit the expected losses.

Progressive systems consist of fixed rules about adjusting the size of the bet based on a previous outcome. According to some systems, players need to increase their bets after a win, while other progressive systems recommend increasing the bet after a lost round. Some betting progressions, as they are also known, double the size of the bet after each gaming round. This, of course, could be very risky, yet some betting systems are incredibly popular among gamblers. Certain progressive betting systems are also used in craps play, as well, and this article outlines their basic rules and concepts.

Basic Concept of Betting Progressions

1Focus Simply on the Outcome

Unlike game strategies, progressive betting systems do not include changes made in the way we play a certain game. A strategy would, for instance, require learning all the rules, possible outcomes, and any other information that exists for a certain game. A great example is the popular game of poker where to win, players need to apply a certain method of playing against their opponent. When it comes to betting systems, however, players focus simply on the outcome of each gaming round and the size of their bets.

2Increase the Stakes When Expected to Win

The fundamental principle behind all betting systems is the same – that we can increase the stakes in a casino game when we expect to win. But when do we expect to win and is it possible to predict the outcome of a game that is based purely on chance? Betting systems rely on the idea that there are winning and losing streaks and that the number of wins and losses would eventually become equal. According to this concept, players can predict a win after 5 or 6 consecutive losses in a game with only two possible outcomes.

3Progressive Betting Strategies Do Not Account for Randomness

What progressive betting strategies do not account for is the randomness of games such as craps or roulette. These are games that consist of independent events and each gaming round has no connection to the previous or the next round. When playing roulette, for instance, we can see the ball falling on red ten times in a row and the next spin of the wheel is just as likely to be red or black as the first or the 100th spin of the same wheel. In craps, the shooter may roll a 7 five times in a row – while highly unlikely, this is possible.

Due to the lack of any relation between the events in craps or roulette, the concept of winning and losing streaks that come after each other is, in fact, false. Progressive betting systems that rely on this idea are, therefore, also ineffective in changing the odds of the game in any way. What they can do in certain scenarios is to increase the profits generated from lucky rolls of the dice. Unfortunately, such rolls are unpredictable, which makes even the most conservative progressive systems rather risky.

Unfortunately, such rolls are unpredictable, which makes even the most conservative progressive systems rather risky.

Negative Progressive Systems

There are two main types of progressive betting systems, namely negative and positive. The negative progressions are the most popular betting methods since they promise a way to return your losses and huge profits overall. In essence, the idea is to increase the size of the bet after each lost gaming round, while after a win, players are advised to reduce the amount of money they wager. In theory, after a few losses, the bet should be so high that only one win would be sufficient to recover the losses and bring a profit equal to or larger than the original stake.

The Martingale
Labouchere System
D’Alembert System
The Fibonacci Sequence

Positive Progressive Systems

Positive progressive systems are the exact opposite of the negative betting systems and are also quite popular among gamblers. With them, casino players increase the size of their bets after they win a game round. Of course, after a loss, they reduce the bets. The idea behind this style of betting is to maximize one’s profits when players are on a winning streak. The other purpose of the positive progressions is to keep the losses to the minimum.

The Paroli System
Reverse Labouchere System
The 1-3-2-6 System
Contra d’Alembert System

The Best Progressive System for Craps

1Consider Every Factor

The betting progressions, described in this article, are among the most popular methods for betting in casino games. But there are many more systems and strategies promoted by players and different authors who claim that one particular betting progression has helped them win consistently against casinos. However, when it comes to craps, players should know that the best system for winning is not using any progressive system at all.

2There Is No Guaranteed Win System

Some of these methods are more conservative than others and certain systems initially seem logical and very safe to use since they do not allow raising one’s bets too much. At the same time, none of them can guarantee a profit and there is not a single mathematically proven evidence for that. There is no single betting system or strategy that can change the odds of craps in any way so players will always be at a disadvantage when playing this particular casino game.

3Systems Help To Control Impulsive Behaviour

Still, using a more conservative progressive system can help impulsive players keep their bets in check. Ultimately, this could prove effective in saving their craps bankroll from the desire to make a risky prop bet or put half of their money at stake.

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