Craps Side Bets

The craps table is always the most exciting place on the casino floor – the game is fast and full of action, it is played by a dozen people or more, and has seemingly endless betting options. For many players, making the classic Pass Line and Come bets, topped with some free odds, is enough to keep them interested for hours. But in recent years, casinos started offering new side bets that have the potential to make a game session even more fun and profitable. At the same time, side bets tend to have a very high house edge, which discourages players from spending money on them.

It is almost impossible to analyze side bets and determine whether they are worth making while you are on the craps table. This is why it is important to know which side bets would be available to you beforehand and be prepared to take some risks for the chance to win jackpot-size payouts. In this article, we have laid out some of the most popular side bets in craps, along with their odds and house edge.

Note that there are many more additional bets and each casino has a slightly different paytable and rules when it comes to these side bets. Moreover, side bets are hardly ever found in online craps – they are the typical hallmarks of the largest Las Vegas casinos.

The Most Famous Craps Side Bets

Fire Bet
Point 7
7 Point 7
Midway Bet
Small and Tall
Four Rolls No 7
Sharp Shooter

Are Craps Side Bets Worth Making?

1Traditional Bets are Boring

Many craps players stick to the classic Pass Line and Come bets, believing that side bets are “sucker” bets that never win. Indeed, betting on the Pass Line or the Come fields and even the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come options is a smart and safe tactic, proven in both theory and practice. However, some players find traditional bets on the craps table quite boring after a while.

2Side Bets Offer Huge Payouts

Moreover, bets with better odds and tiny house edge percentages also offer quite small payouts. And while for some, the idea of slowly grinding and building up a bankroll is challenging and exciting, others need a stronger source of adrenaline and pressure. In gambling, this usually comes from the games and bets with a significantly high house edge. Craps side bets could be fun and with a little luck, they could be very lucrative.

3Side Bets Are Risky

Of course, there are certainly correct ways to make side bets such as the Midway or the Sharp Shooter side wagers. But relying on them to make a profit is highly risky and, often, devastating to one’s bankroll – these bets usually provide casinos with a huge mathematical advantage over their patrons and guarantee their long-term income from the thousands of chips lost on the side bet.

4Use Betting Strategy

A much better strategy is to structure one’s betting system around bets with a low house edge. This way, the winnings and losses on the craps table could be more or less predictable and the profits generated from “lucky” dice rolls would not be lost within seconds. Placing proposition and side bets occasionally, however, always spices the game up, making it much more exciting, even if the side bet is $1.