Craps Variations

Dice games have been played for centuries with rules and payouts varying dramatically across countries and regions. Today, the most popular game offered in casinos is the standard bank craps but along with it, players may come across a wide range of craps variations, as well as craps-based games that come with very different rules or do not even use dice.

Multiple versions of the classic game have been developed in recent years with the promise for better odds than the ones offered in standard bank craps. However, most of the rule changes have been adopted by casinos with a clear purpose to increase the house edge of the game. Before playing an exotic, non-standard version of craps – whether that is in land-based casinos or online, players should take a closer look at the rules of the game, as well as the payouts given for different winning bets.

Most Famous Craps Variations

Bank Craps vs Street Craps
Die Rich Craps
Card-Based Craps

Other Popular Craps Variations

There are, of course, many other versions of dice games and most of them are available only locally. Some, however, have gained relative popularity and can be played in various land-based casinos or even online. Players are generally interested in trying out new variations due to the perceived improvement of odds and house edge percentages.

In reality, craps games with more exotic rules come with complex rules, unconventional bets, and overall lower expected returns.

Crapless Craps
Simplified Craps
High Point Craps
New York Craps
Open Craps
Scarne Craps