Revealed: The Most Memeworthy Songs with the Biggest Impact on Social Media

As streaming services and social media platforms grow in popularity, more and more artists join them, with some of them becoming huge online. The power of YouTube, Spotify, and most recently TikTok, is undeniable, turning talented artists into mega stars and catchy tunes into legendary, memeworthy songs. But which songs and artists do people listen […]

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2023 on TikTok

Halloween is just around the corner and those planning to attend a party are already looking for a costume. Witches and vampires, princesses and superhero-inspired looks are probably the most overused and cliched Halloween costumes. However, if you want something fresh and original, the team at BonusInsider has compiled a list of trendy looks to […]

The Most Expensive Basketball Cards Sold So Far in 2023

Fans of the hoops are once again in for a rollercoaster of excitement as the 78th NBA regular season kicked off with plenty of incredible moments. Defending champions Denver Nuggets had an incredible 4-0 start but their streak was finally over when they lost 110-89 to the Minnesota Timberwolves. As fans are bracing themselves for […]

Revealed: The Biggest Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2024

September was an exciting time for fashion lovers and a busy time for the largest fashion houses that showcased their collections for the upcoming season. Launching on September 8, New York Fashion Week kicked off Fashion Month, which also included runway shows in London, Milan, and, of course, Paris. So, which trends will be big […]

These UK Celebrities Earned The Most On Instagram in March 2023

With more than 2 billion active users per month, Instagram is among the most powerful social networks, ranking in the top five on a global scale. From their personal lives to their brand partnerships and everything in between, celebrities, influencers, and sports stars use the immense potential of the platform to enhance their popularity and […]

Map shows the odds of encountering Bigfoot in every state

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or Yeti – this elusive creature has been the subject of various conspiracy theories, books, films, and even reality TV shows over the past hundred years or so; myths about giant, hairy, and human-like beasts that roam the forests and mountains have existed for centuries. Such legends can be found all over the […]

Map shows where you are most likely to spot a UFO in the UK

Following a series of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in the United States and Canada in the past month, UFO enthusiasts across the United Kingdom have been on the lookout for extraordinary UFO activity. Within a two week span, U.S. fighter jets shot down four objects over North America, and only one was confirmed […]

Musicians Who Earned the Most in the UK and Ireland in 2022

Musicians are typically known for not having a good handle on the business side of the music they create. There are probably thousands of talented musicians who never achieve great success. Others, however, seem to be natural entrepreneurs according to the list of musicians in the UK and Ireland who earned the most in 2022. […]

Survey Reveals the Most Addictive PlayStation 5 Games According to Players

Ever since video games became widely popular in the 1980s, certain titles have been much more entertaining and addictive than others. The multiplayer online games of the past two decades especially, have exploded in popularity, with thousands of gamers playing on the same server. As for PlayStation 5, one of the most preferred gaming consoles […]