TikTok’s top wellness trends for 2024

TikTok’s top wellness trends for 2024

As we step into the 2024 year, people all around the world are embracing the “New Year, New Me” mindset, determined to leave their bad habits behind and improve their overall well-being. As a result, the wellness industry is booming, with wellness-related content experiencing a surge in popularity on social media at the close of 2023.

TikTok has established itself as a leading social media platform, particularly among Gen Z (the generation currently aged 10 to 25). With 1.7 billion active users globally (out of which 1.1 billion are its monthly active users), a figure projected to reach two billion by the end of 2024, it is the second app after Facebook to surpass 3 billion all-time downloads and now boasts an impressive 4.7 billion as per the latest reports.

TikTok’s popularity has resulted in the platform’s increasing cultural impact worldwide as viral content often influences broader cultural trends. Many users share their goals, routines and tips, which inspire others to adopt healthier habits and pursue personal growth. According to the latest reports the global health and wellness market was valued at US$ 3,670 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach US$ 5,155 billion by 2032 at a growth rate of 3.69% during 2024-2032.

On TikTok, wellness trends are often displayed through short videos promoting various health and self-care practices for improving overall well-being. A relaxed approach to exercise, healthy recipe demonstrations, mindful journaling and digital detoxes are just a few examples.

Wellness trends align with the desire for self-improvement, which makes them particularly appealing as New Year’s goals. With this in mind, the team at BonusInsider analyzed trending new year resolution TikToks from the last month and identified 20 viral trends associated with the #newyearresolution and #wellness hashtags. We ranked each trend by the combined number of views of its related hashtags and created a handy guide into the top 10 wellness trends that are guaranteed to keep you inspired and motivated as you grow into your best self in the new year ahead!

Whether you are looking for a new workout routine, some glow-up hacks or easy-prep recipes, take the time to scroll through the options below and pick the ones that resonate best with your goals!

2024 Wellness Trends Making Waves on TikTok Right Now

These are our top 10 wellness trends to follow in 2024:

  • #SelfLove (83B)
  • #SelfCare (60.7B)
  • #SelfCareRoutine (7.9B)

This year consider doing some Girl Therapy!

(151.6B combined TikTok views)

If you’re active on TikTok, you are probably already familiar with concepts such as Girl Math (women’s strategy for justifying large or unnecessary purchases) and Girl Dinner (meals made of snacks or small amounts of random foods), as these two trends have been blowing up the platform’s feeds in the past year. But have you ever heard of Girl Therapy? With over 150b combined views of its related hashtags, it is the top wellness trend expected to dominate TikTok in 2024, according to our research. But what exactly is it, and should you try it out?

As we scroll through TikTok it turns out that Girl Therapy could mean different things for everyone. For most creators it involves activities such as taking an “everything shower” (at-home spa session), lighting a candle, enjoying a cute dessert, reading a book, trying some new hairstyles, getting your nails done, screaming to Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo’s songs, treating yourself to a shopping spree— the list goes on!

At its core, Girl Therapy is a phenomenon that promotes self-care: setting healthy boundaries, making yourself a priority and doing what you love. Jump on the trend!

  • #GlowUp (118B)
  • #glowuptips (5.4B)
  • #glowup2024 (30.7M)

Become the ultimate It Girl with TikTok’s glow-up hacks

(123.4B combined TikTok views)

Do you remember the glow-up trend from a few years ago where you try to become more conventionally attractive within a short time while documenting the process and sharing your before-and-after transformation? Well, TikTokers now support the concept of a more sustainable glow-up process that includes improvements in your social life, career, finances, spiritual health etc. With over 120b combined views of its related hashtags, this is the second-best wellness trend on our list that is predicted to dominate TikTok feeds in 2024.

The whole glow-up process is often associated with another wellness practice on TikTok that gained popularity in 2021— becoming “That Girl”. The one who wakes up at 5 AM, meditates, journals, drinks healthy smoothies, goes to the gym every day and wears minimal makeup. Looking ahead to 2024, That Girl is expected to rebrand as an It Girl, upon the release of Aliyah’s Interlude “IT GIRL” on September 30, 2023, which went viral on TikTok and soundtracked more than 912,000 videos by November 2023.

Similarly, an It Girl is someone who receives much respect for her personality, character, intelligence, education and outstanding taste in clothes and lifestyle. From setting your day off on the right foot with a five-minute morning yoga stretch to tailoring your wardrobe to fit your body type and personal style, to creating a skin and hair care routine and sticking it, TikTok’s glow-up tips will help you become the ultimate It Girl in the new year ahead!

  • #EasyRecipe (58.4B)
  • #MealPrep (17.4B)
  • #mealkit (35.5M)

Busy week? We’ve got some quick and healthy meal prep ideas for you!

(75.8B combined TikTok views)

Are you tired of spending tons of money on takeout meals each week? You’d be surprised how much time, energy and cash you’ll save by dedicating part of your Sunday to preparing some healthy, tasty and very affordable lunches and dinners that will keep you fueled throughout the workweek ahead.

Especially now, after indulging in festive meals during the Christmas and New Year holidays, many people become more aware of the need to opt for more nutritious and balanced foods. Rest assured because TikTok comes to the rescue with endless options of quick and healthy meal prep ideas, some of which take less than 30 minutes to make!

Turning a TikTok cooking trend into a reality isn’t some distant dream anymore, thanks to the availability of meal kits on online grocery platforms. These kits provide users with the convenience of buying all the necessary ingredients, already pre-measured, to effortlessly recreate the recipes of their beloved TikTok influencers in the comfort of their own homes.

Give meal prepping a try and feel good about what you’re eating!

  • #Manifestation (51.2B)
  • ##VisionBoard (8B)
  • #visionboard2024 (94.5M)

Manifest your way through 2024 by vision boarding

(59.2B combined TikTok views)

If you’re looking for a way to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true, TikTok’s vision boards are the way to go. And believe it or not, there’s an actual science behind this!

A vision board is a physical or digital representation of our dreams and goals. It involves creating a collage of images, quotes, and affirmations that reflect the things we want to attract into our lives. When we practice deep manifestation and visualization, our brain cannot tell the difference between an imagined event and a real one. In that way, consistently visualizing what our future could look like helps our brain see it as a reality and bring it to fruition.

Studies have shown that setting specific goals than general ones leads to a higher level of task performance. Take the time to reflect on the past year and think about the changes you want to make and the routines and hobbies you wish to adopt in the future. When you figure out your dreams and place them on a board, you can look to them for inspiration each day to maintain your focus and motivation throughout the year. This could mean anything from a new exciting travel destination to an image of your dream college or career.

Some of the best vision board tips can be found on TikTok as the trend has been making waves on the platform with over 50b combined views of its related hashtags. Make sure to check them out!

  • #Restock (23.7B)
  • #cleaninghacks (15.7B)
  • #cleaningmotivation (10.4B)

Home Organization

(49.8B combined TikTok views)

You know how the saying goes: “Clean home, clean mind”!

While some individuals turn to activities like meditation or mindfulness when they are feeling overwhelmed, others find that wiping down the kitchen or organising the closet is equally beneficial for their mental well-being.

Studies have shown that people with messy or cluttered homes have higher stress and anxiety levels, which can lead to poor sleep quality and lowered metabolism. Oppositely, having a clean and organized house leads to a better mindset and improved mental health.

Cleaning and organizing hacks have been taking over TikTok’s feeds in 2023 and are predicted to be prevalent in 2024 as well, with 49.8b combined views of the trend’s related hashtags. From deep cleaning your whole house to reorganizing your wardrobe and restocking your fridge, CleanTok has got you covered!

  • #cottagecore (16.2B)
  • #offgridliving (2.2B)
  • #slowliving (1.3B)

Slow living

(19.7B combined TikTok views)

The millennial girlboss era is over, now it’s all about Gen Z’s slow-living aesthetic! But what exactly is “slow living”, and is it worth giving it a try?

Slow living promotes creating a healthy work-life balance, cutting back on screen time, spending more time in nature and building a more laid-back and sustainable lifestyle. Even the best of us feel like running away from modern life and living in a small cottage in the woods when the burnout and stress from work become way too much. Well, it turns out some people turn this aspiration into reality, embracing a self-sufficient lifestyle where they grow their own food and craft their own clothing.

Explore the #slowliving hashtag to find out how!

  • #nutrition (16.8B)
  • #sugardetox (25.1M)
  • #sugardetoxchallenge (2.1M)

Sugar detox

(16.8B combined TikTok views)

In the new year ahead, challenge yourself to undertake a sugar-free lifestyle for 14 days (or even a month) and witness the positive changes in your body!

This means no desserts, chips, sodas and processed foods with high sugar content— snack on fruit, eat more protein, and stay hydrated instead. Experience the benefits of breaking free from sugar dependency, such as clearer skin, better sleep, stabilized blood sugar levels, increased energy (no more 3 PM crashes!), and weight loss.

Join the growing trend on TikTok, where more and more people are taking up the sugar detox challenge and sharing their results!

  • #personaltrainer (11.3B)
  • #fitnesscoach (1.4B)
  • #onlinefitnesscoach (359.8M)

Personalized Workouts

(13B combined TikTok views)

In a world where everything is becoming personalized, workout routines are no exception.

This is yet another popular wellness trend on TikTok with a combined number of 13b views under the #personaltrainter, #fitnesscoach and #onlinefitnesscoach hashtags. Consider hiring a personal fitness instructor or coach as you embark on your fitness journey in 2024, especially if you’re new to fitness and have recently incorporated exercise into your New Year resolutions.

Crush all your fitness goals with a fully personalized workout and meal plan based on your fitness goals! From gym do’s and don’ts to motivational videos and expert tips on what to eat before and after a training session, fitness instructors will be with you every step of the way to help you gain muscle, lose fat and build your summer dream body.

  • #Journaling (7.6B)
  • #BulletJournal (4.8B)
  • #journalingasmr (237.6M)


(12.6B combined TikTok views)

While it’s long been a practice in the wellness community, journaling is currently going viral on TikTok and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Studies have confirmed that journaling can have incredibly positive effects on our emotional and mental well-being. It reduces anxiety, depression and stress by providing an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thought patterns and behaviors. By writing down your feelings and tracking your progress, journaling is an excellent tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Just 20 minutes a day is enough!

TikTok journaling comes in many different shapes and forms and it’s whatever you make of it! From Gratitude journaling (appreciating the little things in life) to ASMR journaling (incorporating sensory elements), Shadow Work journaling (exploring the darkest depths of your personality), and Bullet journaling that allows you to organize your thoughts in a fun way using a combination of words, pictures and charts, this wellness trend is here to stay in 2024 and beyond!

Go, grab a pen and paper and embark on your journaling journey now!

  • #DailyRoutine (9.4B)
  • #healthyhabits (2.2B)
  • #habitstacking (84.4M)

Healthy Habits Development

(11.6B combined TikTok views)

Looking for a way to incorporate a new activity into your routine? Try habit stacking!

Habit stacking is a simple, yet effective technique that involves linking a new habit you want to develop with an already existing one so that the two become intertwined in your brain. TikTokers swear by it as a new and more effective approach to personal development that fits seamlessly into the rhythm of modern life.

For example, if you want to start a habit of meditating every day, you might “stack” it onto your existing morning routine by meditating for a few minutes right after getting out of the shower. Keep doing this every day and it will soon become just as much a part of your routine as the shower itself.

Try listening to an audiobook every time you’re doing laundry or doing a few sets of push-ups whenever you watch a TV show. As time goes by, it will become less and less of a task and more and more of a habit that you’re used to.

Here’s to a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle in the new year! For more healthy habits explore the hashtags above!

TikTok’s wellness trends that could not make it to the top 10 list but are still predicted to dominate the platform in 2024:


The methodology behind this research was relatively simple.

First, our team analyzed trending TikToks from December 2023, sorted by like count, under the #newyearresolution and #wellness hashtags.

Then, we examined all of the relevant hashtags, which could be classed as wellness trends, used in the caption section of each video. We came up with a total of 20 trends that appeared the most and ranked them by the combined number of views of each trend’s most popular related hashtags.

In the end, we selected the best TikTok video we could find that explains the trend as accurately as possible and included a link.