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MuchBetter is one of the newest eWallet services to gain a foothold in the iGaming industry. The service comes to us courtesy of MIR Limited UK Ltd, a company based in the United Kingdom and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Unlike most other services MuchBetter embraces the iGaming scene and is actively working with online casinos to bring extended support for this payment method. Offering customers a cheap and convenient way to manage your online casino bankroll, MuchBetter is quickly gaining traction among players. Below, you will find information about the vital aspects of the service and our honest feedback.

How MuchBetter Works with Online Casinos?

1Stand-Alone Balance

Unlike traditional payment methods such as credit cards and online banking, MuchBetter allows you to establish a balance completely separate from your bank account. The two are not connected in any way and you can easily distance your iGaming activities from your bank. This has several advantages, such as budgeting and easily tracking your spending.

2High Degree of Anonymity

MuchBetter allows you to maintain some degree of privacy when making transactions to online casinos. For one, it does not reveal any sensitive information to the gambling website when you complete a deposit. Therefore, you only need to reveal that data if you choose to. Additionally, since MuchBetter is separate from your bank account, there is no risk of anyone getting ahold of your personal finances.

3Quick and Convenient Transactions

With MuchBetter, you have the opportunity to make quick and easy payments both to online casinos or other users of the service. The processing speed is top tier and you can easily start playing after confirming the transaction. Moreover, making the payment itself is straightforward and anyone can do it.

How We Evaluate MuchBetter Casinos?

With the number of online casinos increasing with every passing year, it can be difficult to keep track of each one out there. So how do you know if a particular gambling website is good or not? Below, we include our standards for judging MuchBetter online casinos and you can apply them to any website you choose.


MuchBetter Casino Deposit

Processing Times

MuchBetter Casino Withdrawal

Processing Times

MuchBetter Pros and Cons

Much like with any other payment method out there, there are specific advantages and disadvantages to using MuchBetter. Below we outline the most important ones that you should consider.


MuchBetter is an eWallet and as such, comes with many of the excellent features of this type of service. First among those is the benefit of instant deposits, allowing you to get directly to your favorite games with no downtime.

The biggest drawback of using MuchBetter is without a doubt the acceptance rate among online casinos. MuchBetter is a relatively new payment solution when compared to other more traditional eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller. As a result, not that many online casinos support it yet leaving your pool of online casinos to choose from rather shallow.

Users of MuchBetter also get to benefit from high degrees of anonymity when using the service. MuchBetter does not reveal any of your sensitive information, thereby protecting your privacy while on the Internet.

An interesting aspect of MuchBetter is that it does not have a desktop version. The service is strictly limited to mobile devices and cannot be accessed on a PC. While most of us have smartphones, needing a separate device to perform transactions could be considered a hassle for some players.

When it comes to actually making transactions with MuchBetter, you will find the service quite cost-effective. Transactions are free and even the exchange fees are low.

Funding your MuchBetter balance could prove expensive with certain banking methods. You can avoid this by using SEPA and Bank Transfers, though these are somewhat slower than the alternatives.

Countries Which Use MuchBetter in Online Casinos?

United Kingdom

Using MuchBetter in Mobile Casinos

1Mobile App

Acquiring the MuchBetter mobile application is no different than downloading your favorite social media app. It is available for both iOS and Android and can be found on the respective app marketplace for either platform – the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With the mobile application, you can achieve just about anything you need. You can open an account, send verification documents, top up your MuchBetter balance and issue payments as you please. The whole process is quite straight-forward and you can easily establish your MuchBetter account.

From then on, you will have no issues making deposits to your favorite online casino. Gambling websites have great support for mobile gaming and nowadays, just about each one is equipped to accommodate your smartphone or tablet betting needs.

2Mobile-only Platform

It should also be mentioned that MuchBetter is strictly a mobile-only platform. The service is only available on smartphones or tablets, leaving desktop users with no options. With this in mind, consider that everything about this payment method was built from the ground up with mobile platforms in mind. Therefore, if any banking solution is good on mobile it is MuchBetter.

MuchBetter Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are another major factor that we should go over. There are several different types of promotions offered at online casinos and it is in your best interest to be familiar with what you can get.

Deposit Bonuses
Free Spins
Loyalty Points
No Deposit Bonuses

MuchBetter Casinos Safety and Security

Two-Factor Authentication

Fingerprint ID and Device Lock

Encryption Systems

One of the best security features of MuchBetter is the option to add Two-Factor Authentication to your account. Essentially, you will need to enter a randomly generated code sent to your device when you wish to log in. This makes any unauthorized access difficult and practically impossible.

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MuchBetter Alternatives for Online Casinos

Credit Cards
Bank Transfers

MuchBetter Casinos FAQ

Does MuchBetter have customer support?

How widely accepted is MuchBetter at online casinos?

How can I fund my MuchBetter balance?

How can I withdraw my MuchBetter balance?

What countries are excluded from using MuchBetter?

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