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If you are not а tech-savvy casino maven and you are on the lookout for a way to manage your funds, Bank Transfers might be an ideal solution. Although some gambling aficionados would describe Bank Transfers as a dated way of payment, they remain one of the most trusted manners of sending and receiving money even when it comes to online gambling. That being said, Bank Transfers of Wire Transfers as this payment solution is also known, can be easily described as a tried-and-tested way of managing your gaming funds, without being anxious about security at all times.

Bank Transfers are widely available across the interactive casinos, and what is even better is that casino buffs from just about any country around the world can make use of the payment solution. Unfortunately, many avid casino fans steer clear of Bank Transfer as the payment method lacks when it comes to time-efficiency.

How Bank Transfers Work with Online Casinos

1Making Use of Bank Transfers

Although many casino lovers regard Bank Transfers as an old-school way of managing their funds, we can say for sure that this payment solution is unlikely to go out of fashion in the years to come. Bank Transfers make for risk-free transactions, which is one of the most obvious reasons why so many casino mavens opt for them.

Making use of Bank Transfers is certainly not such a tedious task as the payment method is at the disposal of just about any player who has a bank account. With Bank Transfers, virtual players are practically transferring funds from the balance of their account to their gambling operator of choice. Please be aware that you will need the IBAN and BIC codes of the casino you have registered with so as to complete the transaction.

2Ways of Making Payments via Bank Transfers

Gambling devotees who prefer loading their casino account with cash via Bank Transfers should be in the know that they can choose from several ways to do this. The first option they have is to go to the bank where they have an account in person and to make the payment. The second option is far more convenient as virtual players can also make use of their online banking, which will allow them to make deposits from the comfort of their surroundings. Initiating a payment over the phone is an option as well.

3Making a Payment via Bank Transfers

Using your online banking is a more preferable option because of the greater ease of use casino lovers will enjoy. Once you have logged into your casino account and you have picked Bank Transfers from the list, you need to specify the amount you would like to deposit. Then, you need to pick the bank where you have an account from the drop-down menu and to check out the reference number you will be given. Then, the transaction needs to be approved by your bank so that your funds could appear in your casino balance.

How We Evaluate Bank Transfer Casinos

With so many gambling spots to select from, some casino lovers find it a bit hard to tell decent Bank Transfer casinos apart from the rest of the gaming websites. That is why while evaluating the casinos, we give thought to several aspects of the overall experience operators deliver to ensure that our picks will be sound.

Fees Involved
Transaction Speed
How Easy Is to Use Bank Transfer
Can Bank Transfers be Used for Deposit Bonuses

Bank Transfer Casino Deposit

If you have used Bank Transfers to send money at least once before, you are unlikely to be hard put to use the payment method when handling with your casino transactions. Many avid casino fans tend to go for Bank Transfers when making deposits because of the user-friendliness of the payment method.

Processing Time

Bank Transfer Casino Withdrawal

Cashouts via Bank Transfers are possible at a good deal of the interactive casinos. Luckily, the steps players need to follow in order to wrap up the payment do not differ that much from the ones they have stick to when making a deposit, meaning that casino lovers are unlikely to end up in a sticky wicket.

Processing Time

Bank Transfers Pros and Cons

Just like the rest of the payment solutions, which are at virtual players’ disposal, managing your funds via Wire Transfers has its positives and negatives. Going through the list of the advantages and disadvantages of Bank Transfers is the best way to arrive at the decision whether the payment method is a cut above other payment services.


The number one benefit of managing your gaming funds via Bank Transfer is that virtual players enjoy greater safety and security. Transactions via Bank Transfers are incredibly safe because each payment is wrapped up between the bank where you have an account and the bank of the operator, meaning that third parties are unlikely to meddle with your payment. Not to mention that all bank institutions make use of state-of-the-art encryption systems, which further fortify your security.

Some casino lovers steer clear of Bank Transfer because they view the procedure they need to stick to overly complicated, which on some occasions can result in some mistakes.

Another positive of utilizing Bank Transfers is that the payment method suits the needs and preferences of all types of casino players because it makes for the transfer of more substantial and smaller amounts of money.

The prolonged processing times are yet another reason why virtual players prefer not to go for Bank Transfers. The payment method certainly lacks when it comes to time-efficiency, which is why it is less preferred than e-wallets, for example.

Many virtual players prefer Bank Transfer over the other payment services out there because the former is widely available. If you are an old hand at online gambling, perhaps, it has run through your mind that virtually every casino accepts payments via Bank Transfer.

Many gambling aficionados describe payments via Bank Transfer as inconvenient because of the expenses, which incur on deposits and withdrawals.

Another great benefit of Bank Transfers is the better flexibility of the payments gamblers will enjoy.

Another downside of using Bank Transfers is that on some occasions, the minimum withdrawal amount might turn out to be too large, which might be an issue for small-scale players.

Yet another benefit you will enjoy if you go for Bank Transfers is that you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals, which is not the case with some of the other banking services. Obviously, this will make for greater convenience.

Countries Which Use Bank Transfers in Online Casinos

Bank Transfer undoubtedly shines bright when it comes to availability. Virtual players from a staggering number of territories are allowed to manage their funds via the payment method, which is one of its greatest advantages.

United Kingdom

Using Bank Transfers in Mobile Casinos

1Visiting the Mobile Casino

Our smartphones and tablets no longer provide simply a connection to the world, but they also allow avid casino fans who have the itch to play to do this from the comfort of their surroundings with no difficulty. Luckily, a good deal of the mobile casinos process payments via Bank Transfers, which is certainly great news to hear.

To make a deposit to your casino balance, you should first log into your account via your tablet or smartphone. Then, you will be taken to the lobby of the mobile casino, and the next step is to find the section dedicated to your account.

2Going to the Banking Page

As soon as you are brought to the screen, you should look for the banking sub-category, which should unfold all the supported ways of payment. Initiating a payment via Bank Transfer takes a single tap on the icon of the payment method.

3Carrying Out the Payment

Once you have picked Bank Transfer as a preferred way of managing your funds, you need to select your country, to provide the name and address of the bank where you have an account, and to give your account number. Players will also need the IBAN and the BIC code of the mobile casino. Should you prefer to purchase casino credits via Bank Transfers, you should be more patient as it will take some time until your deposit is credited.

Bank Transfer Casino Bonuses

If you are unsure whether your interactive casino of choice is a good fit, you should certainly take a look at the promotional offers the operator runs. There is no denying that casino mavens enjoy being rewarded for their real-money bets via free rounds or free cash. Bank Transfer depositors can enjoy plenty of such perks, which will certainly add an extra thrill to their experience.

Deposit Bonuses
No Deposit Bonuses
Free Spins
Loyalty Schemes

Bank Transfer Casinos Safety and Security



Management of the Casino

What virtual players should certainly check out before they sign up for an account are the software providers that are responsible for the gaming suite of the casino. For their most part, operators collaborate with more than a single gaming studio. The presence of names such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming, among others should speak much in terms of the quality of the casino. Players should also check out how choosy the gaming studios are when it comes to who can give their offerings a try. The randomness of the results is not less important, and the best way to be satisfied with that is to see if the casino uses a Random Number Generator and whether it is audited by any of the testing agencies.

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Bank Transfer Alternatives for Online Casinos

Once you are familiar with the service Bank Transfer offers, you should also make certain that you are clued-up when it comes to the other banking solutions you will have on hand when playing over the Internet.

Prepaid Cards
Online Banking Services
Credit and Debit Cards
Paying via Mobile

Bank Transfer Casinos FAQ

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