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When it comes to prepaid solutions rarely you will find a more popular method among online gamblers than Paysafecard. This service is owned by Paysafe Holdings UK Limited, a company which also operates prominent eWallets Skrill and Neteller. Paysafecard is available in more than 40 countries, including the better part of Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia among others.

Since its inception in 2000, Paysafecard has risen to become the dominant prepaid solution for online gamblers and is accepted across the majority of online casinos out there. Below, you will find out how Paysafecard works and what the benefits and drawbacks are to using it for online gambling.

How Paysafecard Works with Online Casinos

1Top Prepaid Solution at Online Casinos

Paysafecard is one of the most popular banking options in the world of online gambling and for good reason, as well. This payment service is both convenient and easy to use by all gamblers. Obtaining a Paysafecard voucher is incredibly simple. One can be purchased at thousands of retail location all over the world, including supermarkets, gas stations, newspaper stands, and many more. You pay cash and it only takes a second for your new voucher to be printed. In this regard, Paysafecard is among the most accessible banking options that you will have at your disposal.

2Using Paysafecard at Online Casinos

When you are ready to make your deposit to your online casino, the whole process will only take a minute. You head over to the cashier page, enter the code and the amount that you want, and that is about it. The service is entirely efficient and you can get to playing your favorite casino games immediately. Paysafecard is accepted at most online casinos in today’s industry and there are plenty of options to choose from.

How We Evaluate Paysafecard Casinos?

There are thousands of gambling websites out there that accept Paysafecard and unfortunately, not all are of the same caliber. In fact, there are more than enough shady or straight-up bad operations that you need a way to filter the good from the terrible. After all, you want to play at only the best online casinos on the market. To this end, we present you with our benchmarks for a good online casino and include multiple metrics that you should take into account when looking at any prospective online casino.


Paysafecard Casino Deposit

Processing Times

Paysafecard Casino Withdrawal

Processing Times

Paysafecard Pros and Cons


Paysafecard offers instant deposits with complete ease. Making a Paysafecard transaction is as easy as entering 16 digits and you can get to playing your favorite games right away.

Paysafecard’s primary drawback are the low deposit limits, allowing only for payments of up to $1,000 at a time. High rollers will not be satisfied with this and will need to find a different payment method.

With Paysafecard, you will get to enjoy high degrees of anonymity. The ability to preserve your privacy on the Internet is invaluable and you should take every advantage in this regard.

Another thing that may dissuade you from using Paysafecard is the strange situation with withdrawals. Since you cannot cash in via Paysafecard, you will need to resort to a different transaction method, most often a Bank Transfer.

Paysafecard is one of the most accessible payment methods in the industry. It is available for purchase at thousands of retail locations in over 40 countries.

Overall, Paysafecard is not designed for the purposes of online gambling where money flows both ways. Therefore, you will certainly feel the weaknesses in the service.

Paysafecard is supported by the vast majority of online casinos in today’s gambling scene. Regardless of where you choose to play, odds are that you will be able to fund your balance with this payment service.

Countries Which Use Paysafecard in Online Casinos

Paysafecard is popular all over the world and operates in more than 40 countries. However, certain states use it more than others and that is where you will find the best support for this service in the online casino scene. Below, we work out which are some of the top countries that use Paysafecard for the purposes of online gambling.

United Kingdom

Using Paysafecard in Mobile Casinos

1Paysafecard Mobile Deposits

Mobile gaming is almost as popular as desktop gambling and therefore, online casinos have to be ready to accommodate for that. Of course, to play your favorite slots and table games from your mobile device, you would need a payment method that is available on mobile. Paysafecard fits that description quite well and you will be able to use your prepaid vouchers from your mobile device.

Whenever you enter an online casino from your smartphone or tablet, you will always have the opportunity to deposit with Paysafecard, as long as the casino supports this payment method. The process of making a deposit is quite the same as on the desktop version and you should have no issues in this regard.

2Paysafecard Mobile App

Additionally, Paysafecard also offers a mobile application for both Android and iOS. It is available for download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for each platform respectively. It gives you several functions that you will no doubt appreciate. These include a map of all Paysafe retail locations, tracking of your balance and transactions, make payments and more.

The app gives you a lot of versatility which will certainly help you out when you need them. As such, you should seriously consider downloading it and best of all, it will not cost you a thing.

Paysafecard Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are a common feature at online casinos and the operators offer them as a way of attracting customers. They are essentially rewards and incentives for playing at that particular gambling website and with some luck, you can take home a good chunk of change for your effort.

Deposit Match Bonuses
Free spins
No deposit bonuses
Loyalty Schemes

Paysafecard Casinos Safety and Security

Full Anonymity

Impossible Data Leak

Maintaining your privacy on the Internet is becoming ever more difficult since you are required to submit all sorts of personal information to prove your identity. However, none of this is required when using Paysafecard. In fact, this is one of the few services that offers nearly full anonymity on the Internet. When you purchase a PIN you are do not need to give a name, bank account number or anything that might reveal who you are. Therefore, when you use Paysafecard you will enjoy the full extent of privacy possible on the Internet.

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Paysafecard Alternatives for Online Casinos

If you feel like Paysafecard does not fulfil your needs, there are other services out there that probably will. Below, we mention some of the more popular Paysafecard alternatives that will be useful for the purposes of online casino gaming.

Credit Cards
Bank Transfer

Paysafecard Casinos FAQ

Can a Paysafecard deposit be refunded?

Can I retrieve a stolen Paysafecard PIN?

Can I exceed the $1,000 transaction limit?

Can I transfer my PIN balance to a new voucher?

Is there an age restriction for purchasing a Paysafecard PIN?

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