Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling Predicts Growing Demand for More Gambling Therapists

Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling Predicts Growing Demand for More Gambling TherapistsThe online sports betting industry has seen a significant expansion over the last couple of years across the majority of US states, including Kentucky. In parallel with the growth of the regulated sector, the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling (KYCPG) puts great effort into ensuring sufficient resources are available to residents of the state.

Legal sports betting in land-based establishments across Kentucky commenced on September 7, whereas online betting providers will be able to launch their operations next Thursday, September 28.

Examining the impact of legalized sports wagering on bettors in Kentucky is a priority for the KYCPG. Dr. RonSonlynn Clark is the president of the non-profit organization, working within a diverse range of adult addictions including substance abuse and gambling addictions. She shared that the entity aims to prevent problem gambling and provide sufficient educational resources to local citizens. Furthermore, the organization’s goals include delivering treatment facilities and guiding the recovery period for compulsive gamblers.

The KYCPG appeals to sports bettors to enjoy the pastime in moderation, without crossing the limit of responsible gambling. Dr. Clark further commented that legalizing land-based and online sports betting within Kentucky would inevitably lead to a growing demand for more gambling therapists.

KYCPG’s president commented that at the time being, the number of gambling counselors in Kentucky amounts to just five professionals. That would be utterly inadequate, considering sports betting’s constantly rising popularity. On a global level, there are ten certified gambling trainers in the world. Dr. Clark is among them, yet the need to increase the number of certified professionals will increase very quickly.

The KYPG Says Responsible Gambling Limits Do Vary Among Bettors

Although the KYPG identifies as a gambling-neutral organization, it makes sure that vulnerable bettors should be aware they have a responsible gambling organization to turn to if such a need arises. Bringing awareness to the community of the available programs, counselors, and other facilities is of major importance.

Dr. Clark further commented that the limits of responsible gambling vary among bettors. That is to say, whatever your gambling budget is, it should not affect your livelihood. The funds kept for one’s rent, mortgage, food, and other essentials must never be compromised. Bettors’ gambling budget should be proportionate to their income and to what they can afford to spend on entertainment. Once that limit is crossed, many at-risk and problem gamblers share the pressing need to recognize the problem and then seek professional help.

As previously covered by BonusInsider, Kentucky’s budget for problem gambling in its first year of legalized sports betting is estimated at $575,000. The projected yearly revenue amounts to $23 million, and as per House Bill 551, 2.5% of it must be allocated to problem gambling initiatives and facilities.