Czech Gaming Operator Shows Interest in Building a Hospitality Complex Near Prague

Czech Gaming Operator Shows Interest in Building a Hospitality Complex Near PragueAt a public hearing held last week in Tuchoměřice, Czech gaming operator GPC Win a.s. introduced a new project of a hotel and a multifunctional casino, which would host international poker tournaments. The operator wants to build its Grand Arena hospitality complex in Tuchoměřice, a small town close to Prague and Václav Havel Airport. The proposed casino and convention center would invigorate the local economy and tourism.

Another casino project was introduced by a Czech investment and property company during the hearing. The proposed casino would be located behind the POP Airport Outlet and entertainment center in Tuchoměřice. It would feature live games and slot machines.

What the Proposed Casinos Would Offer?

King’s Casino in Rozvadov may get some competition as the Czech gaming operator GPC Win a.s. presented a project for a hotel and casino in Tuchoměřice. King’s Casino plays host to many major poker events, but GPC Win’s Grand Arena may become a preferred venue for international poker tournaments because the town is very close to the Czech capital, Prague, and Václav Havel Airport.

The company revealed that the gambling venue would offer 140 gaming tables, 25 roulette and blackjack tables, and 400 gaming machines. The casino’s target audience would be high rollers. The project also includes a 72-room hotel, exquisite restaurants, and bars.

During the hearing, the Czech investment and property company Kaprain, which owns the POP Airport entertainment center, introduced another casino project. The proposed gambling venue would offer live games and slot machines. Kaprain’s representatives revealed that the company also plans to build an outdoor part of Majaland – the largest indoor amusement park in the Czech Republic.

The Pros and Cons of Having Gambling Establishments in a Small Town

The companies expressed hopes that their casino projects would encourage the city to improve its infrastructure. However, they did not suggest covering the expenses associated with the improvements. Members of the two companies explained that the city would receive tens of millions in tax revenue from the gambling venues, which could be used for infrastructure growth.

Of course, the casino projects invoked mixed feelings among Tuchoměřice residents, who recognized the economic benefits of having a casino but also acknowledged the downsides. People opposing the casino proposals explained that gambling often leads to increased criminal activity, social problems, and noise. Some residents spoke in favor of the proposed gambling venues, explaining that they would create jobs and boost local businesses by attracting visitors to the town.

The two companies introduced their casino projects only a week after a group of businessmen introduced another casino project in the city of Rudná u Prahy. The proposed casino would be situated to the southwest of Prague. But according to the local media agency Radiožurnál, the casino project allegedly has ties to the Russian mafia and a well-known US figure associated with the casino industry. That is why officials do not dare to discuss it publicly.