Legal Actions Reveal Harassment and Hostile Work Environment in Restaurants and Casinos across Southern Nevada

Legal Actions Reveal Harassment and Hostile Work Environment in Restaurants and Casinos across Southern NevadaSeveral lawsuits have been filed against restaurants and casinos across Southern Nevada. The legal cases reveal alarming workplace issues, which require immediate action. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced that Nevada Restaurant Services Inc., Bouchon, Mariscos El Puerto, and La Catrina are among the businesses that face legal challenges.

Nevada Restaurant Services, Inc. manages several hospitality facilities, with Laughlin River Lodge Hotel & Casino being one of them. A lawsuit filed against the company alleges that employees had to endure harassment, including unwanted touching and stalking, in the workplace. Besides, supervisors often offered staff workers money for sex.

According to the lawsuit, the company was aware of the misconduct, which even occurred in the presence of supervisors. Even though employees filed complaints, Nevada Restaurant Services “failed to address and correct the harassment”. As a result of the company’s indifferent approach to the problem, some employees decided to resign.

A lawsuit filed against Mariscos El Puerto and La Catrina claims that male managers and supervisors required female employees to engage in sexual activities with them if they wanted to keep their jobs. Those who said no to the “offer” were fired. The lawsuit also asserts that women were sexually abused, inappropriately touched, and exposed to explicit comments.

A second lawsuit was filed against Mariscos El Puerto and La Catrina, accusing the two companies of sexual orientation discrimination. According to the lawsuit, gay and lesbian employees were forced to quit due to the intolerable working environment. The legal documents also claim that these employees had to endure physical assault and insults from their supervisors.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Takes Measures to Prevent Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

Anna Park, regional attorney for the EEOC’s Los Angeles District, which includes Las Vegas in its jurisdiction, said that harassment in the workplace remains a persistent problem. She added that many companies do not pay attention to complaints filed by the most powerless members of the workforce.

The EEOC explained that the alleged conduct violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits a hostile work environment arising from gender-based issues and protects individuals reporting sexual harassment from retaliation.

Michael Mendoza, director of the EEOC’s Las Vegas Local Office stated that the EEOC has taken proactive measures to fight against harassment of workers by colleagues, supervisors, and even customers. Mr. Mendoza also noted that the EEOC will hold everyone who violates federal law accountable for their deeds. He also explained that employees and companies should realize the seriousness of the situation and take into account any report of harassment.

EEOC officials asserted that they are considering punitive damages for those workers as well as injunctive relief to prevent restaurants and casinos from engaging in discrimination or harassment. Workers who had to endure harassment at any of the said restaurants can contact the Los Angeles District for support.