Choosing the Best Blackjack Game Online

Most land-based casinos usually offer the same blackjack games only with slightly different rules or payouts. The choice of blackjack variations online, however, is staggering. There are hundreds of games available on the Internet and while some of them follow the standard rules of blackjack, others offer exciting side bets and unconventional gameplay.

Moreover, with so many online casinos trying to attract new patrons, blackjack fans can take advantage of various promotions and bonuses. Players can also join live casinos online, try different types of casino games, and even enjoy blackjack variations with progressive jackpots. A great advantage of playing online is that you can practice blackjack games for as long as you like before you bet real money.

To choose the best blackjack games online, players need to take several basic factors into account, including the differences in their rules, the payouts, as well as the casinos that offer them.

Things to Consider in Online Blackjack Games

There are several fundamental aspects of online blackjack play all beginners should consider before they sign up for a real-money casino account. Most importantly, the majority of blackjack games available in web-based casinos are virtual games, controlled by software and the so-called Random Number Generator.

It provides random outcomes for each game and in blackjack, it “reshuffles” the shoe after every card has been dealt, so card counting is practically pointless. The virtual nature of the games also means that players can control the speed of the game, check the rules or use strategy cards during play. They can choose from a great number of blackjack variations and depending on the casino and software provider, there may be significant differences in the rules of each game, which would ultimately affect the house edge and RTP.

Table Limits
Rules of the Game

Selecting the Right Online Casino

When searching for a good blackjack game online, players should also focus on the choice of a fair and licensed casino. Unfortunately, there are many gambling websites with a questionable reputation, unfavorable bonus terms, poor payout times, etc. Moreover, many web-based casinos offer only a few blackjack variations in contrast to the hundreds and even thousands of slot games in their gaming collections. There are several additional aspects of online casinos blackjack players need to pay attention to.

Security and Overall Reputation
Blackjack Promotions
Game Variety
Live Blackjack
Software Providers

Is Live Dealer Blackjack Better than Virtual Games?

Virtual vs Live Dealer Blackjack

Many blackjack players are still new to online gambling would wonder which is better – live dealer or virtual, RNG blackjack. Both have their advantages and weaknesses but often, the choice comes down to personal preference. Some players love the adrenaline and the pressure of playing against a dealer, whereas others prefer the more relaxed games where everything is automated and they can control the speed of the game.

More importantly, live dealer games are not suitable for novices – especially not when it comes to blackjack. To be successful in this game and to have a chance at generating some winnings, players should master the basic strategy and be able to apply it quickly in live games. This is why they should begin with RNG blackjack and be able to take their time for every move and decision they make.

Those who hope to gain some advantage by counting cards at live blackjack online would be disappointed – live casinos have taken measures to prevent card counting. Most notably, the deck penetration makes counting useless since cards are usually reshuffled after only half of them have been dealt.

Overall, neither type of online blackjack is better than the other. Whether players would prefer betting against live dealers or playing an RNG game on their own depends on their preference, skill level, and bankroll.

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