Titanbet Loyalty Programme


titanbet-bingo-loyalty-programmeOnline bingo games are among the most popular games. There is one website, where you will gain extraordinary gaming experience and destination is Titanbet Bingo. The online platform offers you a great amount of 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo games. You definitely will have a lot of fun playing at the site. It is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, therefore it provides its customers with safe and fair gaming

Moreover, you can be a host at a party, you can entertain yourself with a read or you can make your own bingo crafts. One of the funniest parts is that you can communicate with other players by the popular chat games, while you are waiting for the next bingo game.

Loyalty Programme

Titanbet Bingo wants to show you that you are appreciated and this is why it offers Loyalty & Rewards Programme. All you have to do is to continue playing the magnificent Bingo Games and you will get amazing rewards.

The Rewards Loyalty Programme contains of five loyalty statuses (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond), which will bring you different rewards. The more you play, the more points you will receive and the faster you will climb through the levels. If you want to see your current loyalty level, click on Account and then select Loyalty Club.

As soon as you upgrade above Bronze level, you need to reach certain amount of points in order to maintain your status. For example, if you have reached the Silver level, you need to achieve 2,500 points every month. But if you do not maintain your level, your status will be downgraded. The status, you have until the end of each month, will be your status during the next month.

It depends on your loyalty level whether you can redeem your bonus points for cash or for bonus funds. You need to go to Account, then select Loyalty club and after then click on Loyalty Club Shop in order to redeem your points. When you select the amount you want to redeem, the website will indicate how much funds equate to the selected number of points.

You can earn points, if you play Bingo Tickets or Virtue Fusion Games only. The redeemed loyalty points cannot be withdrawn, because they are use for playing. If you have been rewarded twice or more for the same bingo game, the first rewarded bonus funds will be used.

The loyalty points are updated in real time and they will be displayed when you log in. The minimum number of points you need in order to redeem them for cash or bonus funds is 500 points. Redeeming points will not affect your status. But if you do not maintain your level, your status will be downgraded. The status, you have until the end of each month, will be your status during the next month.

Titanbet Bingo has the right to remove points, which are not being used after 90 days, to change the terms and the conditions and to reset the points of players who are not active for at least a year (365 days). If a customer’s account is suspended, the client cannot access to any Titan Programme Benefits.

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