Dragon Jackpot Baccarat

Key Features
  • Provider: Playtech
  • RTP: 98.94%
  • Decks: 8
  • Side Bets: Player Pair, Banker Pair, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, Big and Small side bets
  • Jackpot: Multi-level progressive jackpot

Dragon Jackpot Baccarat by Playtech is a unique live take on the popular card game in that it features four jackpots, pooled from the supplier’s progressive network. The jackpots are accumulated from all Tie stakes players make across online casinos connected to Playtech’s jackpot network.

Rundown of the Rules and the Payouts

Eight decks of cards are dealt out of a pre-shuffled shoe by attractive dealers in Dragon Jackpot Baccarat. The bean-shaped live table is located in a sophisticated setting, with a digitally-rendered golden dragon floating gracefully behind the friendly dealer.

Other than that, the game plays according to the standard rules where gamblers can choose from Player, Banker, and Tie bets. All three pay at the usual ratios, with Tie offering its typical terrible odds of 8 to 1 and Player/Banker paying even money. A 5% commission applies to winning Banker wagers. The game offers a host of side bets players can place at their whim for the chance to pocket extra large payouts.

Side Bet Casino Odds
Player Pair 11 to 1
Banker Pair 11 to 1
Either Pair 5 to 1
Perfect Pair 25 to 1
Big Bet 0.54 to 1
Small Bet 1.5 to 1
Egalite 9 80 to 1
Egalite 8 80 to 1
Egalite 7 45 to 1
Egalite 6 45 to 1
Egalite 5 110 to 1
Egalite 4 120 to 1
Egalite 3 200 to 1
Egalite 2 220 to 1
Egalite 1 215 to 1
Egalite 0 150 to 1

Gaming Interface and Remarkable Features

It makes sense that the multi-level progressive jackpot is what makes this Playtech release so interesting in the eyes of baccarat buffs. Here we have four incessantly increasing pots that drop randomly. However, the bigger you bet, the more the likelihood of collecting a pot increases.

It is possible to trigger one of the jackpots even if your wager has gained to winnings. The trouble is players qualify for the random jackpots by posting bets on the Tie, which, as we previously said, offers terrible odds and yields one the worst house edges you can ever find in a casino. Respectively, 1% of each Tie bet goes toward the progressive pools.

The four prizes you can win in Dragon Jackpot Baccarat along with their seed amounts are the Green Dragon ($10), the Blue Dragon ($100), the Red Dragon ($1,000), and the Golden Dragon ($20,000).

A mini jackpot game starts where you have a wheel with a total of 10 positions, with each position containing one of the four colors corresponding to the pots. You need to collect three symbols with the same color to win the respective progressive prize. Other than that, the game’s interface features scorecards for popular baccarat patterns, a history panel, and a chatbox.

Closing Thoughts

We are up to our ears from progressive slots and were truly pleased by Playtech’s idea of giving baccarat players the chance to win a progressive prize for a change. The developers have done the sophisticated card game justice with a fantastic selection of side bets on pairs and ties. The appealing setting makes you feel at home while playing at this live table.

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