Blackjack Party

Blackjack Party Cover
Key Features
  • Provider: Evolution Gaming
  • RTP: 99.28%
  • Decks: 8
  • Side Bets: N/A
  • Dealer Stands: Оn all 17s
  • Jackpot: N/A

Blackjack Party is a live variation of 21, delivered by Evolution Gaming. As you can probably tell by the name, this game is all about having fun and enjoying a more socially interactive gambling experience from the comfort of your home. The table is hosted by two staff members, a live dealer and a presenter who are constantly chit-chatting with each other and the players.

Rundown of the Rules and the Payouts

Blackjack Party is dealt out of an 8-deck shoe and abides by the standard American rules of 21. The live dealer always stands on 17 and players can double down on any starting total consisting of two cards. Doubling down after a split is not a viable move here. This is a hole-card game but the dealer does not peek for blackjacks when their upcard has a value of ten.

You can split your initial hand as long as the cards are of equal value. Resplitting is disallowed in Blackjack Party. Hitting split Aces is not an option, either. The live dealer automatically draws only one extra card next to each Ace. Insurance is offered when the dealer’s upcard is an Ace and pays 2 to 1. Blackjacks pay at their standard rate of 3 to 2 while all other winning hands offer players even money.

Gaming Interface and Remarkable Features

Blackjack Party is easy to recognize in the Evolution Gaming live lobby because the table is manned by two staff members, a garishly clad live dealer and a presenter who discuss a variety of topics with the players. This makes for a more laid back atmosphere and enables you to relax even if you are a rookie.

The game comes with several features of interest, starting with the Bet Behind option. This allows you to make a bet on a hand dealt to another player whenever the live table is full. You and the other player share the same outcome and are awarded the standard payouts for winning hands.

The action unfolds to the sounds of a fun soundtrack which complements the chit-chat of the table personnel. The live chat feature enables players to chime in on whatever it is the dealer and the presenter are currently discussing. There is a Switch View functionality which gives players a glance at an enlarged betting layout. Multi-tabling and mobile play are also possible with Blackjack Party.

Closing Thoughts

Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Party is a highly entertaining live variant of 21 that is appropriate for low-stake gamblers who play casually on a tight budget. The biggest attractions here are the chatty dealers and the Bet Behind feature that gives you the chance to join the game even when there are no vacant seats. Last but not least, Blackjack Party offers a decent winning potential, with an optimal theoretical return of 99.28%.

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