Ladbrokes Bingo £25 Cashback Bonus

Key Terms and Conditions
  • Minimum Deposit: N/A
  • Maximum Deposit: N/A
  • Wagering Requirement: N/A
  • Maximum Bet: N/A
  • Expiration Time: Runs on a daily basis
  • Maximum Cashout: £200
  • Available Games: Bob's Shed
  • Not Available To: Anyone who has won something the previous day
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Ladbrokes is one of the most recognizable gambling brands in the United Kingdom. This particular company is also one of the oldest in the country, dating back to 1886. With a rich history of operations and a dedicated following, Ladbrokes is certainly among your best choices where gambling is concerned. The company has thousands of retail locations spread out all over the United Kingdom and also operates on the Internet, running a top-tier gambling website. It features multiple different forms of gambling, including an online casino, a sportsbook, a poker room and a bingo hall. In this article, we focus on the Bingo section of Ladbrokes and more specifically, on one of its most worthwhile promotions.

Much like any quality gambling website, Ladbrokes is quite familiar with the concept of offering users some form of value. While most focus on simple deposit matches and free games, Ladbrokes also pays attention to one particular type of player – the one whom fortune has turned her back on. Indeed, Ladbrokes provides bingo players with a second chance to make up what they lost with their cashback promotion. The Second Chance Bingo offer is one that you should pay close attention to when you run into a string of misfortune. As not only it allows you to win back what you unfortunately lost, but it also provides you with an opportunity to enter into a pretty decent prize pool. Let’s take a look!

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Ladbrokes’ Second Chance promotion allows users to have a chance at winning a sum that they lost on the previous day. If you played £5.00 or more the previous day and lost it, then you can take part in the promotion. On the day after you lost the money, you will be given a free bingo session in the ‘Bob’s Shed’ room, which lasts for a single hour on the day in question and runs on a daily basis. The room has a prize pool of £200 and even if you do not win the largest prize, you can still receive a share of a £100 bingo bonus.

Granted, there are certain rules that you have to follow if you wish to make the most out of this promotion. The Second Chance offer is only available to those who did not win anything the previous day and by anything, it means nothing at all. Even if you won a single penny, you will not be eligible to enter. Winning anything from the Second Chance offer is considering winnings and you will not be able to participate on the next day.

Additionally, it is also vital that you enter the room 10 minutes before the game begins, otherwise you will not be able to make good on the promotion. The game is hosted on set hours every day, so you can set your schedule. There are 10 games for the duration of the session and the maximum amount that you can win is £200 from any single session.

Prizes from the Second Chance sessions are as follows:

  • 1L = £2 in cash (non-bonus) money;
  • 2L = £4 in cash (non-bonus) money;
  • FH = £6 in cash (non-bonus) money;
  • 8x = Roll on games, valued at £1 cash (non-bonus) money per Roll.

If you do not win any of these, then you will be granted a share of £10 per game. Since 10 games are played during the session, you will receive a share of £100 if you remain for the entire duration.

The Second Chance promotion is one of the best out there and there are several reasons for this. For one, you do not have to go out of your way to participate. The only requirement is that you need to have lost £5.00 the previous day, which, let’s be fair, happens to every gambler sooner or later. Furthermore, the rewards are paid out in cash, which means that there are no wagering requirements that you will have to fulfil. Finally, you are given the opportunity to make back some of what you lost, which is never a bad thing. There are hardly any strings involved with the Second Chance promotion and this is why we wholeheartedly recommend it.

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