Baccarat by Ezugi

Baccarat by Ezugi Review
Key Features
  • Provider: Ezugi
  • RTP: 98.94%
  • Decks: 8
  • Side Bets: Player/Banker Pair, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, Big and Small bets
  • Jackpot: N/A

Baccarat by Ezugi is a premium-quality live dealer version of baccarat, one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world. The game accepts an unlimited number of players and is available 24/7 to all desktops and mobile devices.

Developed by Ezugi, a software provider specializing in the design and supply of HD-quality, this is a classic variation of baccarat and it comes with all the betting options and features of playing in an actual, brick-and-mortar casino. It is streamed from the company’s Latin American studio and players can choose from three different tables where they can tip the dealers just like in Las Vegas casinos.

Rules and Gameplay

This game is based on the standard rules of baccarat so it should be easy to follow even for beginner-level players. It is played with 8 decks of cards (without the Jokers, of course) and an unlimited number of players can be seated. The speed of the gameplay is very quick since all cards are dealt face-up and the betting period before each round is only 10 seconds. The betting overlay displays all the essential information – your bets, the cards that have been dealt, statistics, live chats, etc.

The regular rules of Punto Banco apply, including for valuation of the cards and when a third card is drawn. Players receive the standard payouts for the three main bet types, i.e. 1:1 for a winning Player bet, 0.95:1 for a winning Banker wager, as well as 8:1 for a winning Tie bet.

Distinctive Features

Although Ezugi’s regular version of Live Baccarat is, basically, traditional American-style baccarat and it does not differ significantly from the game offered in Las Vegas, it accepts six side bets. These are all optional wagers and to make them, players simply need to place a chip on the dedicated sections of the betting overlay. The first two are Player Pair and Banker Pair and with them, casino patrons bet that one the two hands will be a pair (cards of the same value but of any suit).

Those who place the Either Pair will win if any of the two hands, Player or Banker, is a pair. Another side wager is Perfect Pair, which wins when the initial two cards in the hand are of the same rank and suit. In addition, players can bet on the total value of all cards dealt on the table with the Big and Small bets.

  • Player/Banker Pair – 11:1
  • Either Pair – 5:1
  • Perfect Pair – 25:1
  • Big – 0.54:1
  • Small – 1.5:1


Ezugi’s Baccarat is a great live dealer variation of the classic game. It offers simple rules, great payouts, and top graphics quality via Flash/HTML5.

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